Full Streaming, Streamer Chat Moderation, Viewer Experience Rating, Localization, WebView

Key Features

  • Full Streaming Enabled - Channel setup and streaming is open to all users. Read the guides at -= https://docs.dlive.org/docs to create your channel, set up OBS, and start streaming.
  • Streamer Chat Moderation - Streamers have the option to disable the chatbox at their discretion. Dlive aims to provide users with the necessary tools to foster a safe and inclusive community for all.
  • Viewer Experience Rating - We at Dlive crave user feedback. The viewer experience rating tool allows viewers to give direct feedback to the development team, so we can continue improving the viewing experience.
  • Localization - Language settings are now available for Portuguese, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and English.
  • WebView - Dlive Protocol has now migrated over from Google Chrome to WebView, to provide the best possible streaming and viewing experience for all users.