Hints, Tips, Known Issues, Enhancements, Bug Fixes, WebUI

Hints, Tips, Known Issues

  • The Streamer themselves will count as 1 live viewer.
  • On rare occasions, on the Streamer page, the viewers count will show a value of 0 even though there are current
    viewers. If this happens, the work around is to click the refresh button in the UI above the video player and verify that OBS is currently streaming.


  • Auto-update client - The dlive.exe will check on startup for a new version on dlive.org and if so, update itself.
  • Switch to browser if WebView2 is not installed - If the host machine does not have the necessary version of WebView2, the dlive front end will launch in the user's default browser.
  • Support live viewers count - The number of live viewers will be shown on the Streamer and Viewer page.
  • Bench and GA metrics for viewer stats - Send summary metrics once the viewer stops viewing a stream.

Bug Fixes

  • Remove join channel Bench ping - Remove metric that has limited use and sent too often.
  • Fix default window sizing - Widen the default window size to 1440.


  • Stream info pop-up with RTMP link - Add a copy feature for the RTMP URI.
  • Live view count, added viewers count to channel - See Enhancements
  • Consistent chat color for users - Users will keep a consistent color for their name in the chat window.
  • Live label color change - Change color to red from yellow.