IRC Chat, Tipping, Streaming and Viewing Stability Improvements, User Onboard Flows, Dark Mode, Mute viewer

Hints, Tips, Known Issues

  • Existing users will need to run the dlive_installer.exe to upgrade. Version 2.0.0 of the dlive.exe is signed by “Rainberry Inc” instead of “Bittorrent Inc” therefore the auto update will not run. Subsequent updates of Dlive protocol will auto update.
  • Chat is no longer running a streamer hosted local server, rather it uses a remote IRC server. Decentralized chat is planned for an upcoming release.
  • Existing streamers may need to update their stream description to adhere to a smaller field size because the metadata is saved as an IRC topic.
  • Existing streamers can remove the port forward on 31600 for their router. This was formerly used by the local chat server.


  • Tipping, viewers can support streamers by donating BTT/TRX via Tronlink extension in chrome browser.
  • Support chat moderation-Streamer can mute/unmute their viewers.
  • Add German language translation, thank you discord member @Schnabel.
  • More stable video connection.
  • More stable chat connection.
  • New Welcome Screen with Watch and Stream onboarding flows.
  • Dark Mode user interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Crash of client when calling api_stream many times in short period of time.
  • Changing the language setting forces user out of their current stream or watching a stream.
  • Refresh button does not always work.