IRC chat improvement, Disconnect streaming feature on sidebar, Following feature

Hints, Tips, Known Issues

  • Watcher can disconnect the streaming session from the sidebar.


  • Watcher can save magnet links by following, and following shows up in the Watch screen.
  • A streamer can mute viewers and unmute them with the Muted Users window.
  • The continue button will gray out when entering an invalid profile name.
  • Stream title now is hidden on the Watch side sidebar if the title is too long.

Bug Fixes

  • When the watcher gets the streamer offline page, clicking the refresh button will work.
  • Stream play is no longer interrupted when updating the wallet address.
  • The dashboard checklist will not disappear when the share button is clicked.
  • User now can see metadata after unmute user and rejoin the channel
  • Closed icon now displays in feedback popup in DarkMode
  • Message will prompt and continue or save button will not block if wallet address contains invalid characters.
  • Feedback popup text color now is white in DarkMode.
  • No error message will appear when the custom amount box is empty.
  • Steamer metadata will not disappear and chat functions when there is a slash in the channel name.