Release Notes


Performance Enhancements, Bug Fixes, and New Features

  • Chat Functionality Performance Optimization: Improved the chat functionality for a smoother experience for both streamers and viewers.
  • Live Stream Duration Display: Added a feature to display the live stream duration for better transparency.
  • Contract-based IRC and Tracker Addresses: The IRC and tracker addresses can now be retrieved from the contract, and tracker parameters have been removed from the magnet link.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several minor bugs and improved overall stability.

This version requires admin privilege for installation. The auto-update feature will not work for previous versions due to this change, but it will work for future version updates. Please download the latest version from for installation. Future versions will be auto-updated.


New UI flow, Bug fixes

  • New user flow without image upload and simplified screens during streamer profile creation.
  • New UI Layout Streamer and Watcher Screens

Bug Fixes

  • Upgrade zlib to 1.2.12 to address CVE-2018-25032
  • Upgrade OpenSSL version
  • Upgrade FFMPEG version
  • Unnecessary REST API calls

Starting from this version, it requires admin privilege for install. The auto-update feature NOT work for previous versions due to this change, but it will work for future versions update.
You need to download this version from to install. The future versions will be auto-updated.


64 bit executable, bug fixes
dlive.exe is a 64bit executable vs a 32bit prior to 2.1.2

Bug Fixes
Do not reset player with zero bitrate error code

version 2.1.1 was skipped, was internal only version.


IRC chat improvement, Disconnect streaming feature on sidebar, Following feature
Hints, Tips, Known Issues

  • Watcher can disconnect the streaming session from the sidebar.


  • Watcher can save magnet links by following, and following shows up in the Watch screen.
  • A streamer can mute viewers and unmute them with the Muted Users window.
  • The continue button will gray out when entering an invalid profile name.
  • Stream title now is hidden on the Watch side sidebar if the title is too long.

Bug Fixes

  • When the watcher gets the streamer offline page, clicking the refresh button will work.
  • Stream play is no longer interrupted when updating the wallet address.
  • The dashboard checklist will not disappear when the share button is clicked.
  • User now can see metadata after unmute user and rejoin the channel
  • Closed icon now displays in feedback popup in DarkMode
  • Message will prompt and continue or save button will not block if wallet address contains invalid characters.
  • Feedback popup text color now is white in DarkMode.
  • No error message will appear when the custom amount box is empty.
  • Steamer metadata will not disappear and chat functions when there is a slash in the channel name.


IRC Chat, Tipping, Streaming and Viewing Stability Improvements, User Onboard Flows, Dark Mode, Mute viewer

Hints, Tips, Known Issues

  • Existing users will need to run the dlive_installer.exe to upgrade. Version 2.0.0 of the dlive.exe is signed by “Rainberry Inc” instead of “Bittorrent Inc” therefore the auto update will not run. Subsequent updates of Dlive protocol will auto update.
  • Chat is no longer running a streamer hosted local server, rather it uses a remote IRC server. Decentralized chat is planned for an upcoming release.
  • Existing streamers may need to update their stream description to adhere to a smaller field size because the metadata is saved as an IRC topic.
  • Existing streamers can remove the port forward on 31600 for their router. This was formerly used by the local chat server.


  • Tipping, viewers can support streamers by donating BTT/TRX via Tronlink extension in chrome browser.
  • Support chat moderation-Streamer can mute/unmute their viewers.
  • Add German language translation, thank you discord member @Schnabel.
  • More stable video connection.
  • More stable chat connection.
  • New Welcome Screen with Watch and Stream onboarding flows.
  • Dark Mode user interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Crash of client when calling api_stream many times in short period of time.
  • Changing the language setting forces user out of their current stream or watching a stream.
  • Refresh button does not always work.


Hints, Tips, Known Issues

  • The Streamer themselves will count as 1 live viewer.
  • On rare occasions, on the Streamer page, the viewers count will show a value of 0 even though there are current viewers. If this happens, the work around is to click the refresh button in the UI above the video player and verify that OBS is currently streaming.


  • Auto-update client - The dlive.exe will check on startup for a new version on and if so, update itself.
  • Switch to browser if WebView2 is not installed - If the host machine does not have the necessary version of WebView2, the dlive front end will launch in the user's default browser.
  • Support live viewers count - The number of live viewers will be shown on the Streamer and Viewer page.
  • Bench and GA metrics for viewer stats - Send summary metrics once the viewer stops viewing a stream.

Bug Fixes

  • Remove join channel Bench ping - Remove metric that has limited use and sent too often.
  • Fix default window sizing - Widen the default window size to 1440.


  • Stream info pop-up with RTMP link - Add a copy feature for the RTMP URI.
  • Live view count, added viewers count to channel - See Enhancements
  • Consistent chat color for users - Users will keep a consistent color for their name in the chat window.
  • Live label color change - Change color to red from yellow.



  • Checkbox to not show feedback dialog on exit
  • GA event for streamer startup
  • WebUI: Streamer share magnet link on Twitter
  • WebUI: Feedback Menu button

Bug Fixes

  • Fix installer to run on silent mode without hanging


Bug Fixes

  • Swarm issue with not detecting the presence of streamer in trackerCookie setup.
  • Update swarm chat server information whenever new chat endpoint info is received from source.
  • Clean up existing chat server info if streamer connects to the tracker.
  • Send CFU metric every 24 hours.


Key Features

  • Full Streaming Enabled - Channel setup and streaming is open to all users. Read the guides at -= to create your channel, set up OBS, and start streaming.
  • Streamer Chat Moderation - Streamers have the option to disable the chatbox at their discretion. Dlive aims to provide users with the necessary tools to foster a safe and inclusive community for all.
  • Viewer Experience Rating - We at Dlive crave user feedback. The viewer experience rating tool allows viewers to give direct feedback to the development team, so we can continue improving the viewing experience.
  • Localization - Language settings are now available for Portuguese, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and English.
  • WebView - Dlive Protocol has now migrated over from Google Chrome to WebView, to provide the best possible streaming and viewing experience for all users.

What’s Next