Tipping and Donations


DLive Protocol allows streamers to receive tips from their viewers. The streamer's Tron address, once channel setup is complete, will be part of the stream metadata. On the viewer side, there is a Donate button which will prompt the transaction to be completed with the TronLink Google Chrome extension.

Streamer Tipping Setup

When starting a new stream, the option to receive tips will be shown.
Additionally clicking on the "Add Wallet Address" button will prompt for your Tron address.


Enable Tipping Button

Next, click "Continue" to allow viewers to send tips while you stream.


Receive Tips First Screen

Enter your Tron Wallet Address and click "Continue"


Add Tron Wallet Address Window

Your stream is now enabled for tipping! Verify the address at the bottom of the Stream window.


Tipping Enabled

Viewer Tipping

Dlive Protocol integrates with the TronLink Google Extension wallet to allow a viewer to send tips to a streamer. Verify your TronLink Extension is enabled.



TronLink Google Chrome extension is installed. Please see TronLink website for installation.

To send a tip to a streamer, click on the "Donate" button


Viewer Donate Button

In the Choose Wallet window, select TronLink. In the future, other wallets will be added.


Choose Wallet Window

Choose the desired cryptocurrency and amount in the Tip Amount window and click "Continue". Optionally a viewer can send a tip anonymously. The tip will show on the streamer side from an "Anonymous Supporter"


Tip Amount Window

A new Google Chrome window will open and launch TronLink to sign or reject the transaction. Click on the "Sign" button to send tip to the streamer.


TronLink Request Signature Window

Finally, a notification will be shown on the bottom right of the dlive protocol client when the transaction completes.


Tip Notifications

Tip notifications may up to 2 minutes to display because the transaction needs to be verified on the blockchain and speed varies depending on traffic.


Viewer Tip Successful


Tips sent are only known by the sender and the streamer

For privacy considerations, only the streamer receiving the tip will be informed who sent a tip and the amount. No other viewers will know a tip was sent.

Streamer Tip Received

The streamer will see a notification on the bottom right of the Dlive Protocol window as well as a chat box message with special highlighting from the viewer who tipped.


Streamer Receives Tip


Tip Received Chat Messages

For privacy considerations, only the streamer will receive a chat message from the viewer who tipped indicating a tip was received.